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Checklist Before Choosing a Kolkata based Coworking Space

Today some of successful businesses are operating from Coworking Business Centers.If you are here, you have probably decided to switch from your traditional/home office to a productive, efficient Co-working Business Center space. But before you move ahead, lets understand what you need to check.

Building Condition

The condition of the building plays an important role. You can invest money and time to move into a fancy looking coworking space but if the building is poorly developed, with inefficient maintenance services then it turns out to be a big loss. Even if you have to shed some extra bucks, still prefer taking coworking space in a Grade A building. See the credentials of the developer who has developed the building before selecting the right building.


Location is so important and your idea of building the best organisation will remain a dream if you choose a bad location. It has been found, employees and specially millennials prefer Salt Lake Sector V Kolkata as their dream workplace destination. Right address in your business card also matters when you trying to crack your business deals.

Parking Options

Finding secured parking in a metropolitan city like Kolkata is a nightmare. Many companies suffer since they do not find a proper parking options in the building. Employees are always dissatisfied. In many commercial buildings, they claim they have ample parking, but once you move into your coworking office space, you realize the issue. Choose a Coworking Office in a Commercial Building which has ample parking options.

Ease of Commute

One of the main reasons for high attrition is because of lack of proper public transportation options. Employees prefer working in an office were daily communication is not a problem. 80% of the employees in Salt Lake Sector V comes from outskirts and they avail public transport which are easily available in Salt Lake Sector V.

Existing Tenants

Before entering a coworking office space see the tenant list and take their feedback. Find out who are the tenants, for how long they have been associated, their business vertical and how they have grown over the time from the same office space.

Seating Infrastructure

Selecting proper infrastructure is very important. Choose a coworking office which has a professional setup. Too open setup with bean bags might not be best suited for your employees. Remember at the end of the day you running a business not a club.

Proper Lighting in Office

Light greatly influences your circadian rhythm, which is your natural internal clock. A lack of natural light in the workplace can upset cognitive processing, creativity levels, and mental & physical health. Choose a Green Certified Building when you looking for coworking office space.

Clean Washrooms

Most of the health issues happening to both female and male employees because of unhygienic toilets. Choose a coworking office space where there are proper cleaning and maintenance staff.

Infinity Business Centre, one of the largest Green Certified Business Centre of Eastern India located in Salt Lake Sector V, is situated in best Grade A buildings of Kolkata - Infinity Benchmark and Godrej Waterside. It provides the best services and amenities. For a quick site visit call - 7604092334

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