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Enterprises preferring Coworking Business Centers in Kolkata. Find out why?

It is not just startups, freelancers, individuals or micro companies moving to coworking business centers rather considerable number of Mid Segment companies, Enterprises and even MNCs are preferring Coworking Business Centers in Kolkata.

A recent report published by Colliers International says that the average savings earned by companies that moved to coworking spaces was 25%. While that figure alone is significant, the value of this cut in costs goes way beyond the monetary savings. Today utilization of time is more important than managing office hazzles. Coworking spaces offer enterprises the ability to bundle up all the office necessities from furniture and equipment, to utilities and internet connectivity, and to end up with a single bill.

Some of the advantages of Enterprises choosing Coworking Business Centre are:

1. In a traditional office space, business owners need to deal with landlords, contractors, brokers, security deposit, lock-in period and other legal and technical issues. All these are almost negated if they move into furnished coworking business centre spaces

2. Enterprises can choose office spaces in the most premium Grade A buildings on rental basis, having the option of negotiating better on the rent. The companies can get customised, tailor-made furnished offices under Coworking Business Centre model saving 50%-60% costs

3. Enterprises who are entering Eastern Region market can easily set up their Regional Offices or Regional Sales Offices without much upfront investment, in a hassle free way. They can start lean and then scale up as they taste the market and grow. This is easily possible in Coworking Business Centers

4. Another advantage is that cost saved by the Enterprises after moving to a Coworking Business Centre, have a positive impact on the customers which results in more sales and customer delight. Many enterprises are following this strategy and seeing good results.

In the next blog, we will share when is the right time for Enterprises to move to Coworking Business Centers and what is a Service Office space under Business Centre model.

Infinity Business Centre, one of the largest Green Certified Business Centre of Eastern India is located in Salt Lake Sector V. It is becoming the hub for the Enterprises for having their offices at Infinity Serviced Offices located at Infinity Benchmark Building. For quick visit you can call at 7604092334 or visit

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