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Is Kolkata Coworking Offices Secure? Find it out before you move in.

Coworking Offices no doubt has created a revolution in the world of work. In the next 2 years, you will see in Kolkata many coworking office space providers mushrooming and you need to be really careful before you incur a loss. Security is something that should be an important factor before getting into any coworking space. Don’t just get carried away by low cost or fancy office interiors. Let’s explore the security problems associated with Coworking Spaces and some solutions to overcome these problems.

1. Cyber-security

These days, high-speed internet access is a must. However you must look into the cyber-security aspects. You need a safe, secure WiFi network which can only be accessed by coworkers via unique member passwords, the network must be protected by a next-generation firewall, and implement multi-factor authentication systems which ensure that your data is kept safe at all times. If you are not sure it is better to have your own private internet connections. Choose a coworking office which gives both the options, either let you have your own private internet or use the coworking Wifi as and when required. In many coworking offices, they don't let you choose and hence you get stuck.

2. IT Team

In many coworking spaces, they don’t have an in-house IT Department who can give support to the IT Security aspects. The result is that every time you need support, you need to depend on external vendors and this takes away a lot of your time. Choose a coworking space which provides IT Support Team in-house. At crucial times, they can be a savior.

3. Physical Security

Working in a space which is shared with a large number of people whom you do not know is scary. Even at meeting and conference rooms, there can be outsiders coming in. Choose a coworking office with a common reception and a professional receptionist who can monitor most of the people who are entering the offices as well as take their details. CCTV cameras should be installed inside common spaces inside coworking offices. Always make sure you choose offices which has privacy and locked doors so that you can lock your office at the end of the day.

4. Personal Space

Working in a collaborative environment is the buzz word as it increases productivity and creativity. However you need to understand there is a fine line between collaboration and intrusion. Tenants need to have physical space in order to feel safe within the workspace. Privacy is an important factor that you need to keep in mind before choosing the right coworking office.

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