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Enterprise Solutions - Infinity Business Centre

Corporates are increasingly moving to Coworking Business Center office models, attracted by the simplified set-up process, increased flexibility, reduction of replicated or redundant resources, and bespoke solutions Coworking can offer.

At Infinity Business Centre, which is one of the largest Coworking Business Center in Salt Lake Sector V is completely managed by Infinity Group. This means not only the floor, but the entire building is managed by Infinity Group. The facility management team is dedicated and stationed in-house; this takes away 95% of your operations & maintenance headache. You don’t have to pay separate maintenance fee unlike in most traditional offices. So starting from cleaning floors, to managing the washroom leakages everything is taken care by professional facility team. This leads to huge amount of operational cost savings.

At Infinity Business Center, if you have a requirement say around 1000 sq.ft. or above and you do not want pre-defined office setup; you can easily opt for custom made serviced offices. Our skilled designers will ascertain the unique parameters and create various options — A, B or C — for you to choose from. You finalize the layout and we customize the office as per your need. As commercial real estate costs continue to rise, companies are now becoming more conscious of the square footage they’re using and how efficiently it is being utilised. In Infinity Business Centre, enterprises pay only as per the space they utilize without paying anything extra for the common areas alone. This in turn saves cost.

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Infinity Business Centre, one of the largest Green Certified Business Centre of Eastern India is located in Salt Lake Sector V. It is becoming the hub for the Enterprises for having their offices at Infinity Serviced Offices located at Infinity Benchmark Building. For quick visit you can call at 7604092334 / +919051483879 or visit

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