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Infinity Business Centre in Kolkata offers you Flexible Agreements

Updated: May 28, 2019

Flexible Agreements That Work For You

One of the biggest advantages of having an office space in a Business Center (or Coworking Business Center) is with legal agreements. Ask any company who has taken space in a traditional office space, how much time and effort gone into agreement stage. Bigger companies can afford legal professionals by paying hefty amounts but what about startups and small medium enterprises? Agreements signed in Business Centers are more simple, less time consuming and flexible. If your company’s space needs change or you want to expand globally, you cannot get stuck with one address through a lease.

Some of the advantages of Business Centre Agreements from User’s Perspective are:

1.Quick, Simple, Easy

Agreements are usually simple, short, written in simple English language rather than complex legal language. This makes negotiations quicker and makes both parties happy.

2.Less Expensive

Business Center agreements are usually less expensive. The contract is only for number of workstations needed rather than taking on an entire demised space, and it is usually at a much cheaper transaction cost. The upfront cost, security deposit is much less.

3. Flexibility

Business Center agreements are typically much shorter in term than leases and offer early termination options. Startups and SMEs like the flexibility options because often they are not able to predict their space needs over the long term and do not want to be locked into a years-long lease.

Infinity Business Centre, one of the largest Green Certified Business Centre of Eastern India located in Salt Lake Sector V, Kolkata offers simple agreements so that organisations can start their operations at the earliest with any hassle. For quick site tour call - 7604092334

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Ayush Goenka
Ayush Goenka
May 28, 2019


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